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Value with Wi-Fi

Aislelabs empowers brick and mortar businesses to visualize and quantify customer behaviour analytics in a physical space, engaging them at scale both online and offline.  Aislelabs brings expertise across several industries including airports, transportation, retail, event spaces, food & beverage, government, and entertainment. Aislelabs is fully integrated with Ruckus and can be deployed in a matter of hours.

Customer engagement through mobile marketing and analytics

AisleLabs works with Ruckus Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT™) to locate any
WiFi enabled devices within range of the indoor or outdoor WiFi network.  AisleLabs offers a suite of products that utilize SPoT location data with additional customer, location and transactional data, to create rich analytics and allow highly targeted customer interactions.

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Por que a CommScope?

Drive revenue

Location-based services enables you to provide customers with a unique shopping experience to increase user-engagement through targeted promotions, discounts and loyalty programs.

Operational efficiency

O mecanismo de localização do RUCKUS SPoT sintetiza informações de localização utilizáveis que podem ajudar a impulsionar decisões estratégicas para melhorar a eficiência operacional e da campanha.

Data privacy

SPoT supports unlimited devices and venues through cloud architecture, while protecting data privacy.

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